Make your dreams come true for your high quality requirements

Effective strategy working out... with local contractors and local project manager !

Since 2007, consultancy, creativity, innovation and initiative, spirit of organization, teamwork and versatility.

Works... before and after.

Mugne Home Consulting

Make your dreams come true ... in the Grand Massif ski Area.

Project owner delegation
Project management
Project booster
Home advisor
Property management services
Advices on interior design
Advice on purchase of residence
Home staging

Key Responsibilities

Production planning and organization
Selection, coordination, control of subcontractors
Regular reporting of project status
Managing the business relationship with the client Rules of quality, efficiency (RT2012) and safety

Solutions and services

  • New

    New building

    Choose environment and follow your requirements ... Taylor made chalet for the discerning guest

  • Old


    Having a crush on a building or a village and do everything to embellish. Always in respect for local tradition.

  • Buy

    Seeking / Advisement

    You are looking for the gem to suit your budget and your aspirations. I know all the local networks and regulations.

  • Advise

    Home staging

    Your property must be sold in the best conditions. I can bring you the right details to make a hit.


Each problem has its solution ...

With a catalog of the best craftsmen of our region, I will guide you through the process of your new building or your renovation
Since 2007, effective strategy working out... with a local manager ! Call now on Mob: +33 (0)680 055 719

Area - Activities - Services

  • Advising
  • Project manager
  • Project booster
  • Foreman
  • Coordinator
  • Organizing
  • Monitoring